The Archetypes of ‘Super Consciousness’

Lectures by Neil Hague

“The Heavens are more alien and wondrous than meets the earthly eye”


The role of the visionary throughout history has been to unveil the hidden realms of the imagination. In my books I go into greater depth regarding the multidimensional aspect of humanity and the esoteric symbolism that speaks of Gnosis and what prevents humanity from achieving higher states of consciousness.

Neil offers a personal insight, knowledge of the Gnostic Cathar, as well as the deeper symbolism connected to dualism. The lectures look at the ‘origins of symbolism’, consciousness and the plight of humanity as a whole. He will be talking about the subjects in his book Through Ancient Eyes, especially the significance of the Orion constellation and shedding light on new content, which is becoming the subject of a book due out in 2020.


June 26th – Bristol – Evening Lecture

7.30pm til 10.30pm

Arc Events

27 Broad Street, BS1 2HG

Admission £5

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