Aeon Rising – The Battle for Atlantis Earth

I’ve spent the past nine months writing and illustrating the third part of what has become the trilogy I am now calling the Kokoro Chronicles. Kokoro – The Rise of the True Human Being was the first book followed by Moon Slayer – The Return of the Lions of Durga. A companion Bestiary that embellishes these books was also published at the end of 2016 called Lions and Velons. All of these books can be read separately but there is a chronological order to the Kokoro Chronicles for those that are interested (more on this at a later date).

The new project is now complete and I am excited at the thought of launching the illustrated novel for November 2017. Here is the Blurb below  and a few images from the story to wet your appetite.


Aeon Rising – The Battle for Atlantis Earth is the final part of an epic creation myth. In this highly original work of fiction, author and illustrator Neil Hague completes the trilogy in the Kokoro Chronicles. Aeon Rising is an adventure that tells the story of an ancient Earth, a world created through the ‘dreaming’ of what the Gnostics’ writings called ‘Sophia and the Aeons’.

The book offers a unique narrative mapping the ‘end times’ of the lost continent of Atlantis, and telling how the heavens were caught up in an immense battle to prevent its demise. We are taken on a journey from west to east through the eyes of the monkey god, Lonza, and the bear tribes of the Third World Age. We meet the lion priests of Atlan, as they hold on to a world age coming to a drastic finale. The book is an epic struggle for the dominion of a new Earth; one forced upon the ‘first humans’ by those who came from outside of the Solar System.

first people


In four parts, and through his individual style of visionary illustration, Neil Hague tells the story of Ariel, the last lion priest of Atlantis, and the arrival of the Eagles of Urza in their quest to save Sophia Earth. We are introduced to a pantheon of deities, of star people and their celestial battles for the Solar Tree; when a star system goes to war with another. We meet the Eagle lord Altair; the Killipoth of Kronos and the Draco invaders that started what became known as the ‘Great War of Heaven’. It is a story of the demise of Earth’s original Sun, the end of a Golden Age and the ‘arrival of the Moon’, in a way never been told before.

attacking selene

We are taken across pre-historic frontiers, on Earth and beyond its surface, as we witness the immense struggle for our Sun, Moon and Earth. From the legends of the Aboriginal Dreamtime to the Hopi migration myths, Hague weaves together themes and knowledge of the Orders of Orion, Sirius and the story of ‘opposing forces’ that are still shaping our world.

Prepare to go back to a time before the Great Sphinx of Egypt, to an era of the ‘lion priests’ of Atlantis and into the worlds beyond death, to the place of Aeon Rising.

eagles leaving Urza

More Information as to when it can be ordered, the publication date, along with a book launch in Wales, all to follow soon.