Visions From Beyond The Matrix

“I rest not from the great task…
To open the immortal eyes of man inwards…”
William Blake


IN TODAY’s society we are encouraged to believe that art must imitate material appearances. Yet for the shaman artist, painting dreams and visions was a way of opening the portals within the imagination. Our intuition, apparitions and the experiences which are not always of this ‘ordinary reality’, were considered by the ancients to carry substance that could be made visible through art. My work over the past twelve years has taken me into areas that few artists today want to venture into. My interest in the metaphysical aspect of art and the need for conceptual illustration to become the protagonist of the ‘new age of image making’, is what drives my work.

The role of the visionary throughout history has been to unveil the hidden realms of the imagination. To appreciate alternative ways of ‘seeing’ we need to stop speaking of reality as if it were necessarily ordinary. We need to de-automate consciousness in order to cleanse our perceptions, especially in terms of how we see art and life. In my books Through Ancient Eyes and Journeys in the Dreamtime I go into greater depth regarding the multidimensional aspect of reality and the esoteric symbolism that speaks of the different dimensions that constitute ‘reality’. From my own experience of making paintings, a natural ability to ‘see through’ the appearance of everyday reality occurs, when we re-focus the mind’s eye and become aware of our ‘multi-dimensional’ persona. Much of my art and narrative illustration is about ‘seeing’ and depicting forms that unlock the imagination through symbols, archetypes and concepts that go beyond the mundane. They represent an alternative vision of the world, one that finds parity with philosophies expounded through indigenous myths, quantum physics and pockets of the so-called New Age today. I feel at home painting scientific concepts, just as much as I do illustrating themes found in Science Fiction. Reality and fiction are often entwined in my artwork and can carry concepts that relate to alchemy, the occult and ancient civilisations.

Accessing the worlds occupied by microbes, invertebrates and other natural phenomenon, as captured by visionaries since ancient times, comes from an ability to ‘see through’ the façade of this virtual-three-dimensional-world we call reality. I call this type of seeing, accessing our ‘ancient eyes’, or seeing the next layer of the illusion. Much of my art has been focused on the esoteric concepts behind the nature of reality. Seeing in this way has been symbolic of putting my head above the mundane surface reality and noticing that there are many worlds teaming with life forms, shapes and characteristics, which seem alien to consensus reality. Much of the work in this exhibition is dedicated to expanding the mind beyond the immediate five senses – the matrix world. The mission behind visionary art, for me, is to unlock the imagination, ignite our soul’s purpose and move us into worlds that are unique to whom we are as individual co-creators, operating in an infinite universe. More so, the illustrations encapsulate my personal vision for a changing world.

Placing the Stone

In my vision the power of ‘true human creativity’ and the ‘truth vibrations’ are symbolised as a great celestial tree that stands firmly connected to the Earth. In truth, it is also a symbol of the Earth with its branches or arms reaching into the in- finite Universe. The ‘sacred tree’ offers both shelter and protection to all life, it is a ‘harbinger’ of ‘otherworlds’. The tree is also symbolic of the ‘brain’ and the multiple inner worlds of human perception. The ‘trunk’ (in my image) is the spinal column, that sits below the ‘earth-brain’ (the tree) converging at the seat of our ‘true sight’. The two halves of the brain are a symbol of both the Earth ‘maze’ and ‘labyrinth’ as shown on my cover painting for the book by David Icke: Remember Who You Are. The left side of the brain is the maze of logical confusion, a projection (a holographic matrix) that is anchored by the Moon. It ‘coverts’ our ‘third eye’ and is symbolic of the world we live in – a world of ‘Moonopoly’. The Labyrinth is a similar construct that offers a way into the underworld or the inner- worlds of the mind. The right side of the brain is the part of the tree that connects us to ‘infinite worlds of possibility’. It is the place of ‘intuition’ and ‘imagination’ fired by the Sun and the ‘solar plasma’ energies that create the Universe. The placing of the crystal stone, that carries the ‘truth vibration’, begins the process of ‘remembering’ and ‘seeing’ the world for what it truly is! In my vision, the ‘knowing’ and ‘feeling’ of our truth, brings about the ‘end’ of the false reality (the matrix projection), which is merely a vibrationary prison that is imposed on the ‘many’ by the ‘few’. We are all ‘earth stars’ with jail break in our hearts – freedom calls!