Studio Time is ‘Timelessness’

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I love my studio time, I relish in it and truly absorb myself in the creative process. Its a journey that goes ‘nowhere physically’, well apart from the odd visit to the café around the corner. It starts within and appears without.
All journeys and personal quests, through any creative act, are about uncovering the original self. Peter London in his book No More Second-hand Art, Awakening the Artist Within, expresses this point in relation to drawing and painting. He writes:

“To create art drawn from within is to access our internal power of our own and also to uncover an all but forgotten original primal self.”

To create from within is like drawing upon a source of wisdom that no one else could possibly have, it is our uniqueness and ours alone. We have to be the only ones who can explore this territory and then return to tell the tale. The more we exercise our uniqueness through creative imagination, the more openings and alternative doorways we encounter along our journey. In other words when we allow our hearts to open and our minds to roam freely, the less likely it will be for us to pitch our tent and close our mind to other possibilities. Once we start to ‘create’ from a wider perspective then we begin to realise what every traveller on the road to self-discovery has realised, that life is really a journey towards a deeper understanding of who and what we are. If anyone was to do this type of journey today they would be doing what every visionary or shaman has done for thousands of years, alternatively, are we not those ancient visionaries anyway?

Art takes ‘time’. But time ceases to exist when we are making art
sophia and zoe1
Final Canvas for Sophia and Zoe (Wisdom and Imagination), the precusrer to the Phantom Self Illustration

The idea of a web provides us with the fundamental link between all life; this link in its simplest form is energy. Each part of the web of life has its own energy that vibrates at its own particular frequency. The energy encompassed by an entity, be it a tree, a stone or a human being, is an extension of the web of spirit and the extent to which we can affect and be affected by spirit, depends on how receptive our personal webs are. To become more aware of our weblike connections with spirit, we have to become more aware of energy on an instinctive level. We quite naturally use our instincts to sense various atmospheres, be they a room after an argument or more subtle atmospheres that come from being in nature. Through our personal connection to the web of life we are sensing energy that can be extended to feel higher vibrational parts of creation.
There is a difference between being alone and being lonely. If we cannot be alone then how can we allow ourselves to journey past the doors of ordinary thinking and seeing? I’ve taken it to new levels at times. Balance is important. I believe we have to be alone in many ways though, so as to discover what resides at the centre of our personal webs. Remember it takes only ‘one spider’ to weave ‘one web’, just like we are born as an individual and then pass away as that individual soul. This does not mean that in order to create we have to live in solitude, on the contrary, nothing on Earth lives in solitude. We, like all life on this planet, need companionship, communion and dialogue.  We need a continuous assembly of sunshine, interaction, landscape, with a ‘cornucopia of things to see’, touch, smell, taste and hear. Mmm, the slow cooker smells good… All of nature, which we feel through the so called five liberal arts, our senses, plus ‘how we imagine’, ‘remember and dream’ – all provide the thread for our personal webs. The most important is the Imagination, from where all ideas are born.


My Studio time connects me to that ‘web-like’ spirit and allows me to feel myself into that ‘timeless zone’, one that centres us if we allow it to. Day dreaming (when I get the chance) also comes naturally in the ‘studio time’. Many friends and admirers of my art have graced their own studios, living spaces and homes over the years, and by doing so thay have taken that energy into their own energy field. I am always in awe and truly grateful to those that choose to have a little piece of my studio time and creative imagination in their homes. Our hearts connect through art!



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  1. I think so many people are bogged down with their programming that it has become ‘normal’ to turn away from introspection and self expression, to leave it to those who are brave enough for the journey. Even to begin turning back to Self causes ‘pain’ and many can not venture very far. My own journey in self expression can be a battle, yet that battle shows me my past and present and what to release to step forward. As I continue to decompress my Self my studio time reflects that. As you say our connection centers us ‘…if we allow it to.’

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