Welcome to my new website. It’s been a slow process of changing across to a much cleaner online portfolio, expressing my thoughts and looking into future projects. As an artist who has found much to comment on through my art and illustrations the past 20 years, I am now looking towards a period of ‘returning to the innocence’ of why I started painting in the first place. People will know my imagery through various collaborations spanning the past two decades and some of this work will of course feature here. However, this new site is a new ‘beginning’ and ‘returning’ for me as an image-maker. I wrote over ten years ago,

“All art in its native sense is concerned with stirring our spirits, our soul and stimulating our extra-sensory perception. As always it is the art of storytelling, whether oral or pictorial, that is the real sign of creative vitality in any culture or society. Creating, or re-creating our own personal myths helps to eradicate negative feelings generated by dogma, which in the end can only cause disempowerment. All myths and legends inspire and fuel our imagination and, from a creative point of view, help us dig deeper toward understanding our unique relationship with the universe.”

I haven’t budged one bit from this vision over the years. In fact I have added to it by illustrating many books and in particular two stories, with a third on the way that consider our relationship with the Universe. The work has always is aimed at stirring the human imagination, inspiring a deeper understanding of why we are here on the Earth plane and why Universe as a whole. My art and Illustrations, as always, tell of a different view of the past, our present dilemma and how we integrate our personal mythology into a world that doesn’t often grasp the true nature of the need for metaphysical works of art.

The image below is a working image showing my vision of the ‘true’ power of the ‘human Imagination’ to perceive a new world, or a new Earth. The seminole male and female figure connects to the truth vibration and through opening the crown chakra ‘visualises’ another reality, another Earth we long for in our hearts. The Left brain and right brains are switched in this image to symbolise the need for an influx of right brain feminine creativity within a left brain ‘male dominant’ world. The Moon circling the head, ‘our world’, holds us in illusion, but in this canvas, it is not allowed passage over the ‘new eyes’ of an awakened world.


My art is going in a slightly different direction now, but holding onto what I have gained in terms of skill and insight over the past twenty years. It’s an exiting time ahead with possible exhibitions to look forward to and a series of storytelling, Shamanic lectures that will showcase the art in other formats. The work here is taste of what’s to come as I venture further into ‘other worlds’ and through ‘multidimensional landscapes’ of the human imagination.

“The imagination is that which is the least human in man.
It wrenches him away from himself and plunges him into ecstasy;
It puts him into secret communion with the powers of nature.
Who speaks to me, with my own voice?
From himself comes a marvelous stranger called Art.”
Mikel Dufrenne